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They Owe Us aus Schweden veröffentlicht ein zweites Album!

Kristoffer Ragnstam ist einer der umtriebigsten und kreativsten Musiker Schwedens. Mit der Band Kristoffer And The Harbour Heads veröffentlichte er eingängige Alben und war häufig auch in Deutschland auf Tour. Unter dem alias They Owe Us veröffentlicht er nun am 10.09.2021 ein zweites Album mit dem spannenden Titel KRAM.

Wir haben ihm dazu ein paar Fragen gestellt:

Hi Kristoffer, thanks for taking your time! KRAM is an interesting album title. What is it about?

Hej!! Thank you for doing research. Kram means hug in Swedish. It’s a 40 minute love note and break up letter at the same time. Aaaaaaaaand I always had an ongoing fight against rich people. You know!! I’m amazed about people rely on their parents. ALL THE TIME. Put that in a blender, with alcohol and a Swedish winter. KRAM

You seem to search for the unperfect in your music. Rough elements always shine through. What do you like about it?

I love the Challenge in music. 
Revolver came out 1966,
Punisher 2020,
Blow out comb 1994,
Chaos Reigns 20211.
Albums that means something. That said. I never searched for something. Simply want to speak out my heart. It always end up a bit over Genres. I feel that inspiring.

Have you ever done the opposite: Producing a pop album without too many edges?

There are way too many people who would do that better. It’s like asking a painter about his/her best private tip of plumbing. I’m not the right person.
YO!! I took a boat from Sweden to UK to buy RIDE “nowhere” album. At the age of 15. Indie music is sort of everything I know. 
I love listening to all kind of music with a grit. When it comes to stuff I produce. I need to feel it in genitals and heart. 

Where do you live in Sweden and what is your favorite place in town?

I live in Kungälv. Old-Ish part. 
My favorite part my town is Gallan’s garage. My buddy Gallan is the truest cat I know. Warmest heart and he builds motorcycles with no stress.

Are there any upcoming artists from your area you would like to recommend to us? That was it already, thanks again!

Franska Trion is the best band in the world right now. 

Musikvideo zum Lied „I’m Your Biggest Fan”:


Text & Bilder: backseat, Hamburg

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